2017 TASH Conference has ended

Each year, the TASH Conference brings together a diverse community of stakeholders who gain information, learn about resources, and connect with others across the country to strengthen the disability field. This year’s conference theme, “Still We Rise for Equity, Opportunity, and Inclusion,” shows the resilience of individuals with disabilities and their families across the lifespan. Conference attendees will celebrate their passion for disability rights, civil rights, and human rights while exploring inclusive communities, schools, and workplaces that support people with disabilities, including those with complex support needs. Return to TASH website.

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Chernet Weldeab

Consultant, Special Projects
Washington D.C. Metro Area

Adjunct Faculty/professor, ATPA Coach, at Montgomery College, Maryland. For more than fifteen years, I worked in education settings from secondary school counsellor position to university professor, focusing on teaching and research. In addition, I worked with immigrant families, including asylum seekers due to their past persecution in their home countries. I am the founder and director for CT Language Consultancy LLC which provides cultural brokering, translation, and interpretation services as well as professional support and recommendations to teachers, counselors, therapists and other staffs in early childhood education centers and schools through clarifying cultural issues and providing culture-related information and resources. I have volunteered in programs and organizations dealing with individuals with special needs including TASH, Save the Children, UNICEF and UNESCO and was awarded the President’s Volunteer Service Award. Through my years of experience working with immigrant community, I became aware of the challenges immigrant families of people with disabilities, including children with special needs, are facing. Through working with TASH, I am hoping to do my best to work with immigrant families by focusing on providing information on how to overcome challenges they face so that they will be able to cope with psychological distress and be in a better position to help their children with special needs. I have excellent grant writing, reporting, proposing and presenting skills.
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